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Managed IT Security Services


Prepare Against Complex Cyberattacks in Today's Digital World

Strong cybersecurity requires possessing a deep understanding of the threats that face your business, as well as the skills and tools to properly counter those threats. Our security team possesses up-to-the-minute cybersecurity intelligence about malware, phishing techniques, ransomware, and the latest attack vectors hackers are using to steal data. We translate that intelligence into vigilant cybersecurity defences for our clients.

Comprehensive cybersecurity service allows you to focus on your core business with confidence that our protections and safeguards put in place are optimized and ready to defend you.

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Comprehensive IT services include

  • Security Audit

  • Proactive Vulnerability Management

  • Security Operations


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Proactive Patching and Updates

    Servers, endpoints, and network appliances must all be updated with the latest patches and firmware to provide optimal security. We’ll implement a system to make sure all that work happens reliably and on-time.

  • Network Security Monitoring

    Did you know that the average cyberattack goes undetected for 99 days? Our network security team will keep a watchful eye on your systems, quickly identify attacks against your company, and mitigate any damage done by hackers that manage to slip by your defences.

  • Phishing Protection

    Phishing attacks are the hacker’s favourite way to infiltrate a network, doubling in just the last year alone. We can train your employees to identify the latest phishing scams – helping to safeguard valuable network credentials and data.

  • Business Continuity Planning

    Our business continuity services go beyond just data back-ups though, preparing your business for a range of disasters including ransomware, cyberattack, human error, natural disasters, and much more.

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